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Welcome to the SLIPCall homepage! SLIPCall is a dialer for AmiTCP.

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* Includes both MWB and NI icons.
* Requires Kickstart 2.04 or higher.
* It's a Commodity.
* Nice GUI.
* Supports new 3.0 features (newlook menus...)
* Style Guide compliant.
* Completely font-sensitive.
* Keyboard short-cuts for most menus and gadgets.
* Almost all settings can be easily changed from within SLIPCall.
* Easy to configure.
* ARexx interface.
* Encrypted and hidden password in settings and configuration file.
* Fast login procedure.
* Poll function.
* Support for both static and dynamic IP addresses.
* Support for both static and dynamic gateways.
* Supports multiple nameservers.
* Supports multiple domains.
* Supports multiple phonenumbers.
* Able to resume a lost connection.
* Supports SLIP, CSLIP and PPP.
* Supports PAP and CHAP.
* Detailed logfile.
* Phonebill scanner included.
* It's FREEWARE!!.


* Installed AmiTCP 3.0b or later.
* Holger Kruse's ppp.device ver 1.30+ for PPP.
* Workbench 2.0+.
* bgui.library version 40.3 or higher. (Included)
Maybe you want to see some (old) screenshots?


Current version is 37.51 (21-01-1996)

Take a look here for a history log.
Also, take a look at the TODO list.

New since 37.49:

* '\\' allowed in command strings
* BUGFIX: Correct IP extracted
* BUGFIX: Crashed when extracting IP address
* Download current version. (99700 bytes)
(Includes all you need, documentation and preconfigured settings...)


Current betaversion is 37.54b1

New since 37.51:

* Simple PAP and CHAP file support added
* Added 'load settings' menu to mainwindow
* Support for multiple domains added
* Removed autoexecution of mail commands
* Added Mail/News menu and ARexx commands
* Added 'Send New' string
* Makes better use of FindPort()
* ARexx hostname changed to just RXSLIP
* Support for multiple phonenumbers added
* The control sequence '\~' makes .5 secs delay in the script
* The online check will be performed before setting of the gadgets
* Rewritten IP parsing routine
* Window pops to front when started a second time
* Window pops to front when hotkey is pressed
* BUGFIX: Saves the correct config when 'Save' is pressed
* BUGFIX: Didn't inherit DOS path. (Doesn't work from WB yet)
* Download current beta version. (22370 bytes)
(Executable only!)


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